Resetting Rocktron MIDI MATE MIDI Control Pedal

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The Rocktron MIDI Mate has been designed with one concept in mind. It is an intelligent controller allowing you to send up to six preset changes on six different channels and five control changes while controlling one realtime parameter via a volume pedal ALL AT ONCE. Unlike other “dumb” foot controllers that send one MIDI command on one channel, the MIDI Mate lets you take full advantage of your MIDI gear in programming and most importantly, onstage.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Rocktron Midi Mate for the good size controller; 5 program changes and 5 instant access buttons to turn effects on and off. if you are fairly familiar with midi, this controller is pretty easy to program; 7 pin midi cable runs power and midi. Also, some users have complained it for the starts off in bank mode when you first turn it on, have to manually change to the mode you want; only 5 instant access in controller mode; 7 pin midi cable needs an adapter plugged in to the back of the intellifex to run power thru the 7 pin cable.

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Factory Reset:

  • Recall preset #128
  • Turn on the 2ND L.E.D by pressing the [2ND] button
  • Press the [EDIT FUNCTION SELECT] “⇐” button once.  “FACTORY REINITIALIZE” will scroll across the display.
  • Set the code number to 244 by using the [BANK (ADJUST)] buttons
  • Finally, press the [STORE] button to start the Factory Reset operation.

When the factory reset has been completed the message “ERR 0” should be displayed. Press the [2ND] button to exit the editing mode.

Warning! Performing this operation causes all user data saved in the unit to be lost. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Resetting Rocktron MIDI MATE MIDI Control Pedal” can help you.

Reference: Rocktron MIDI MATE manual

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