Resetting Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 12 MP Digital Camera

The concept design of LF1 is not much different from his brother in the LX line. The difference is more compact design than LX7 and brother. LF1 appear quite simple and minimalist look. Although its size is quite small and fits in a pants pocket or bagged clothes, LF1 still has a row of physical buttons are fairly complete. In addition there is a regulator of the ring, which surrounds the lens. The ring is able to control various functions, such as ISO, wide aperture, and zoom according to the shooting mode. Zoom in and zoom out with this ring feels responsive, in contrast to the determination of the focus manually that was long and tiring.

Panasonic offers a complete shooting modes. In addition to the iAuto mode, the P / S / M / A, LF1 has 16 scene modes, 15 creative style, and panorama shooting mode. If you are confused to select the mode you want to use, you can apply the same effects after taking a picture, both the original file and the edits are saved. One of the mode is quite caught my attention is a 3D shooting mode. By holding down the shutter for 10 shots while moving to a frame around the object, you can produce images with three-dimensional effect.

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For the category of compact cameras, this camera autofocus speed is quite satisfactory. The combination of the CMOS sensor 1 / 1.7 inches and a Leica lens with a 28-200 mm range also produces high-quality images. The result of the sharp picture with accurate colors at the widest focal range. LF1 also reliable in dim conditions. The images can still be used (printed with a size large enough) to ISO 800, while the noise level began to encroach on the ISO 1600 upwards (still adequate for viewing on a computer screen). For the battery, LF1 can shoot around 250-300 photos. Durability is pretty good and on top of most compact cameras are equally tiny.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 to it’s factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  • First, the camera must be in “record” mode
  • Press [Menu/Set] button
  • Press [Down] button to select the “SETUP” menu, that is the one with a “spanner” icon.
  • Now press the [Right] button
  • Press few times [Down] button until you see “RESET” option there
  • When you select the “RESET”, press [Right] button and then select “YES”
  • Press [Menu/ Set] button

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Reference: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 manual