Resetting Nikon D4S Digital SLR Camera

DSLR type camera is the type of camera is intended for professionals. The photographers who need the strong and powerful lens with resolution and clarity above average for maximum detail. D4S even claimed the camera with the fastest shutter speed that was once owned by Nikon. As a development of previous versions of the D4, D4S provides superiority in object slingshot with 16.2 MP lens and FX format which is followed by the greatness of the CMOS 36.0 x 23.9 mm sensor.

Even in the pair as well as 51-point auto focus system that uses RGB 3D metering. In its design still seem stylish ergonomic, this camera has a 3.2-inch wide screen behind the lens. In addition, there is also a view of the Optical View Finder with a 100% compatible when installed with DX or FX lens. A significant change noticeably at ISO system that reached 409 600 and use EXPEED 4 image processor capable of so speed increased by more than 30 percent of which is owned by D4. But this DSLR D4S camera really special in dedicated cameras for professional circles.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring Nikon D4S to its factory settings, just hold down the [ISO] button and the [WB] button together, until the control panel turns off briefly while the camera resets itself to the factory default settings.

Nikon D4s reset

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Reference: Nikon D4S manual