Resetting Nikon D40 To Factory Settings

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Nikon D40 was introduced in 2006, precisely 16 November 2006 As the camera has 8 years old, the D40 is already ancient because of developments in technology including digital SLR fast. But for beginners or students, the Nikon D40 is still enough support for activities of daily photos, such as photos of friends and family event. Nikon D40 camera belonged to a small sized and designed for beginners.

In terms of the design of the camera body, the Nikon D40 is a digital SLR camera that is small and lightweight. It weighs 522g with battery and 707g with 18-55 mm lens. D40 has a 2.5 LCD screen with 230k resolution. The screen is not exactly big but not too small. For the speed performance, the Nikon D40 can only take a photo every 2.5 seconds. When taking photos of the RAW, then take a photo every three times in a row would be bad because the camera is busy processing and writing data to the memory card.

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The performance of auto focus Nikon D40 which only has three focal points is quite good, especially when supported by auxiliary light auto focus (AF Assist lamp). For photos of fast-moving subjects, the D40 will be a little overwhelmed. Although only 6 megapixels, the quality of the resulting image Nikon D40 with kit lens 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 DX II, pretty sharp and well. Performance at high ISO settings when light conditions are less good, also not bad for beginner class camera. Noise (spots on the photo) has started interfere when ISO 1600 and still quite okay in setting H1 (ISO 3200). Unfortunately the kit lens that comes bundled with this camera does not have the features of VR / vibration damper, so that in dark conditions, rather difficult to prevent your photos from blurry.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Nikon D40 to its factory settings, just hold the [Shooting information] button and the [Playback zoom/Setting] button down together, until the control panel turns off briefly while the camera resets itself to the factory default settings.

nikon d40 reset

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