Resetting Kurzweil SP2X 88-key Stage Piano

Kurzweil’s SP2X is an 88-key weighted-action digital stage piano. Kurzweil’s new digital piano claims to offer some of their best ever sounds, from a sampled Bösendorfer Grand and a range of electric pianos through to strings, pads, mallets and voices. Combine this with an 88-note, weighted hammer-action keyboard, and you have a strong contender for best stage piano on the market. The SP2X is built for gigging. The overall design is of sleek lines and minimal extra baggage. The main chassis is made of metal with smooth, rounded edges, and the end caps are made of hard plastic. The Kurzweil SP2X weights 48.5 lbs, which is the average for all Stage Digital Piano Digital Pianos and Keyboards.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Kurzweil SP2X for the It’s design, it’s strong side, ergonomics, everything is on hand and changed in real time; The integration of  home studio, they drive all my sound modules and / or VST via this keyboard .. is very flexible; His touch they find it very well and suits my style of play. Also, some users have complained it for the volume slider seems a bit cheap and fragile compared to the rest; The output level seems a little low compared to the rest of my equipment; The first 4 piano sounds are almost identical … or else I must change my listening system or I buy a good headset … but they are excellent. It still lacks a piano a bit muffled; It’s weight.

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Factory Reset:

  1. Press the [Global] button to enter Global mode.
  2. Press [Reset] button
  3. When the display will shows “Rst”, press [+/Yes] button
  4. The display will ask you if you are sure, press [+/Yes] button
  5. You will see a prompt asking “rL?”, press [+/Yes] button again

Warning! When you execute “Factory Reset”, all stored settings will be erased and returned to the factory settings. Be sure that you want to do this. This procedure also applies to the SP2XP and SP2 units. Hopefully the article of “Resetting Kurzweil SP2X 88-key Stage Piano” can help you.

Reference: Kurzweil SP2X manual