Resetting Korg PA600QT Arranger Keyboard

The Pa600 is an affordable and powerful addition to the Korg PA series. The second version of the PA600 has the name Pa600QT. QT stands for Quarter Tone and points out that the QT version of the PA600 additional quarter-tone controls for switching the selected tone scale directly on the user interface has available. The Pa600QT comes preloaded with sounds and styles to suit a variety of Middle Eastern music tastes including Persian, Arabic and Turkish as demo version.

The pa600QT from Korg is a compact, yet powerful professional arranger keyboard. The technical side of Pa600QT is no different from the standard model of the instrument. While its size might appear compact, the power of the onboard, exceptionally high-quality custom designed amplification system is anything but small. The player on board the Pa600 can read MIDI, KAR and MP3 files. It can also read lyrics and chords from most of these files, and add markers on-the-fly to MIDI files.

Korg Pa600QT resetImage source:

Factory Reset:

  1. In Media Mode, touch the [Utility]
  2. Select the [Factory Restore] command, then touch [Execute].
  3. Touch [Yes] to confirm

Warning! This command deletes all data from memory (including your custom data). Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. This procedure also applies to the Korg PA600 unit. Hopefully the article of Resetting Korg PA600QT Arranger Keyboard can help you.

Reference: Korg PA600QT manual