Resetting Korg Pa3X61 61-key Professional Arranger

For years, Korg’s Pa series have been among the most popular and respected interactive arranger workstations on the market. Now Korg’s Pa series of arranger keyboards has an exciting new flagship model: the Pa3X. The appearance of the Korg PA3x is smart rather pretty. The buttons are laid out in neat functional rows. The sliders are exactly right, easy to manipulate with a long draw for precise control. The screen stays the same size as previous models although is quicker to react.

The Korg PA3x is extremely solid, it has a metal case that doesn’t flex and you feel confident that its well up to the job for a gigging musician. The Pa3X offers some of Korg’s most realistic sounds in a powerful and easy-to-use workstation format. This fantastic keyboard features Korg’s Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine, providing you with highly realistic vivid sound. The Pa3X’s extensive 256MB ROM sports an amazing selection of sounds, including pianos borrowed from Korg’s acclaimed SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring Korg Pa3X61 to it’s factory settings, first on the Main Page, press [Utility] soft button. Select the “Factory Restore” command, then touch [Execute]. When a message appears, touch [Yes] to confirm and to start initialization of the program.

Warning! This operation will cause erase all changes to your Factory and User data, and restore your Pa3X to the same condition it was when it was new. Be sure that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Resetting Korg Pa3X61 61-key Professional Arranger” can help you.

Reference: Korg Pa3X61 manual