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Roland’s Fantom G represents the fourth generation of Fantom workstations. Launched at the 2008 Winter NAMM show, the ‘G’ series Fantom arrives in three forms – G6 (61 keys), G7 (76) and G8 (88). The three have the same sound engine, specs and controls and differ only in their keyboard action and sizes. With this release, the Fantom has been improved both internally and externally, with the most obvious improvement being evident before you even switch the machine on. The Fantom-X introduced Roland’s colour screen, but this has been expanded up to a whopping 8.5-inch TFT display on the ‘G’ series and, the moment you do boot up, the benefits are clear. The largest of these features Roland’s extremely impressive ‘Ivory’ keyboard response.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Roland FANTOM G for the contains a huge, versatile collection of patches and multitimbral setups, and plenty of space to save your own; Excellent Rhodes, pipe organ, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar samples; 24-track audio recording, 128-track MIDI sequencer; Pro-quality reverb. Also, some users have complained it for the sample loop points are not recognised; No panning control for individual user samples; Will not import third-party sample libraries, only raw WAVs or AIFFs.

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Factory Reset:

  1. Press [MENU] to open the Menu window.
  2. Select “Factory Reset,” by using the [VALUE] dial
  3. Press [ENTER] button
  4. Press [F7] to execute the function

Warning! This restores all data in the Fantom-G to the factory-set condition. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Reset Roland FANTOM G Workstation” can help you.

Reference: Roland FANTOM-G8 manual

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