Reset Kurzweil MP-10 Digital Piano

Kurzweil digital piano technology was created and introduced many years ago by the the well known American inventor Ray Kurzweil. The Kurzweil MP10 has a wide selection of quality instrument tones (88 instrument sounds) which is more than most pianos in this price range and they include Fender Rhodes (and other popular electric pianos sounds), Hammond B3 organ tones, bells, synths, string symphonies, etc, along with 78 realistic drum rhythm patterns to add some fun in the mix (which helps with timing and tempo education), split and layer functions with relative volume control, 1-track 9-song digital recorder which is good, MIDI & USB connectivity, audio ins & outs, and a  built-in 4 speaker 30-watt sound system all housed in an attractive looking cabinet.

The Kurzweil MP-10 begins with the classical elegance of an acoustic piano-style frame and combines it with the central sound engine of their world-famous PC3 keyboard to bring you an incredible value in an affordable digital piano you’ll be glad to have in your home. The famous Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano is included, as well as top notch electric pianos, orchestral and acoustic instruments, and everything else you would need to create an entire musical production in the comfort of your own home – drums, basses, horns, winds, guitars and percussion. The Kurzweil MP-10 weights 114.5 lbs, which is slightly lighter than the average for all Grand Digital Piano Digital Pianos and Keyboards.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring Kurzweil MP-10 to it’s factory settings, just simply power ON while simultaneously holding the C8 key on the keyboard until you see “RESETTING” in the display then release.

Warning! This operation will cause erase its user memory, restore all factory settings and reboot. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Reset Kurzweil MP-10 Digital Piano” can help you.

Reference: Kurzweil MP-10 manual