Reset all Settings in a Roland C-330 Classic Organ

The C-330 Classic Organ is compact yet feature rich. With its authentic reverberant sound and outstanding playability, the C-380 will impress you deeply. With a newly designed dual-manual tracker-action keyboard and concave pedalboard, it offers incredibly authentic pipe-organ sound, touch, and spatial ambience in a space-saving cabinet.

Endorsed and used by professional and amateur organists alike. It’s a dream come true for hobbyists, music students, and serious performers alike who want cathedral-size sound without requiring a cathedral-size space. It’s design is compact, lightweight and space saving.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings in a Roland C-330, first from the main screen, press the Select/Menu knob. Select “12 Utility” by turning the Select/Menu knob and then press the Select/Menu knob to enter. Select “Factory Reset” and press the Select/Menu knob. When Confirmation screen appears, press the SET piston. Finally, turn the power off and then on again, when the Factory Reset has been completed.

Warning! This procedure will cause all of the recorded songs, the general memory pistons, and division memory pistons (C-380 only) to return to their factory settings. Be sure that you want to do this. This also applies to the Roland C-380 unit. Hopefully the article of “Reset all Settings in a Roland C-330 Classic Organ” can help you.

Reference: Roland C-330 manual