Reset a Yamaha YPT-420 Portable Keyboard

If you want a high quality portable keyboard, one loaded with impressive features, the Yamaha YPT-420 is worth checking out. As the model number and price suggests, this model is more advanced than the YPT220 and YPT320. The Yamaha YPT 420 has many new features. These include sound control knobs to help you control effects, filters, sound envelope (attack and release) and style tempo in real time. For a beginner’s keyboard, I am impressed with the sounds of the Yamaha YPT420.

What you get with the Yamaha YPT-420 is Super-realistic Cool! and Sweet! Voices; Control knobs for real-time control; Arpeggio feature automatically generates chordbased phrases; Real-time pitch control with pitch bend wheel; Music Database: 256 song titles for quick keyboard setups.

Yamaha YPT420 reset
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Factory Reset:

  • To clear data backed up to the internal flash memory, just simply power ON while simultaneously holding the “Highest White Key” on the keyboard.
  • If you want To clear song and style files that have been transferred to the internal flash memory from a computer, power ON while simultaneously holding the “Highest White Key” on the keyboard and the “Three Highest BLACK keys”.

Warning! This function erases all backup data in the instrument’s flash memory and restores the initial default settings. Before you perform this operation, check whether there is any data you want to keep. Hopefully the article of “Reset a Yamaha YPT-420 Portable Keyboard” can help you.

Reference: Yamaha YPT-420 manual