Reset a Yamaha DJXII Portable Keyboards

The DJX-II is a Groove Machine and entry-level keyboard designed for great sounding techno and dance music. Features include an on-board but limited 8-bit sampler and Yamaha’s AWM synthesis technology for sounds similar to the AN1x, CS2x, and CS6x. The DJX-II is chock-full of DJ style features that suit this keyboard for live use in clubs, raves and other dance parties! Designed for DJs and budding musicians, the DJX-II is a live groove-machine, no keyboard skills required!

According to several user reviews, they have praised a Yamaha DJX-II for the amazing features for the money; Very easy to use; Wonderfully programmed patterns; Huge range of sounds. Also, some users have complained it for the virtually useless MIDI transmit implementation — doesn’t even transmit note data! Non-velocity-sensitive keyboard; Cutoff and Resonance controls don’t work with the keyboard sounds.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring your Yamaha DJXII to it’s factory settings, first power ON while simultaneously holding the “highest (rightmost) key” on the keyboard until “Clr!” appears on the display.

Warning! When you execute this procedure (Except for the User Pattern data, Sampling data, and Performance Recorder data) all DJX-II panel settings are reset to their initial settings. Before you perform this operation, check whether there is any data you want to keep. Hopefully the article of “Reset a Yamaha DJXII Portable Keyboards” can help you.

Reference: Yamaha DJXII manual