Reset a TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato

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The TC Electronic Shaker is a vibrato pedal in TC’s celebrated Toneprint range. This is a really smart pedal in that you can hit their website and download a setting I created for it. You can also go into the pedal’s digital section and actually customize your vibrato pedal. This amazing little stompbox gives you classic vibrato effects that range from subtle to headspinning. Shaker Vibrato features two types of vibrato: a classic true pitch vibrato and ‘latch mode’ where the effect is only active when you press and hold the switch. This allows for subtle vibrato and faux-whammy bar effects without you having to tap dance all night. Use the speed, depth, rise time, and level knobs to dial in your ideal vibrato effect, then hit the switch. Finally, this pedal sports an easy-access battery hatch, the highest-grade components and a small footprint.

According to several Shaker Vibrato reviewers, some users have praised it for the Latch mode; TonePrint function; Broad tonal range; Compact Design. Also, some users have complained it for the Volume Loss on dirty channel.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to restoring the factory settings your Shaker Vibrato pedal, you should uploading the factory TonePrint to the pedal. It is called the “Shaker Default” and can be downloaded via the TonePrint app or from the website. Please click HERE to downloading the factory TonePrint from TC-Electronics website.

Hopefully the article of “Reset a TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato” was useful.

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