Reset a Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer

The Roland VT-12 vocal trainer is a smartphone-sized device filled with tools designed to improve your singing voice. It is a smartphone-sized device and will go with you in your pocket and on the road so you can warm up and exercise your voice any time! It has a built-in tuner and metronome to help you with your pitch and timing, as well as 12 warm-up tracks and 186 exercise tracks for you to work on and improve your vocal standard.

According to several user reviews, they have praised a Roland VT-12 for the small enough to easily fit in your gig bag or jacket pocket and has a simple interface that is quick to learn; The record function is particularly useful if you want to hear back your rehearsals and reflect on your performance to see where you might be making mistakes. Also, some users have complaineded it for the on-board speakers are probably a bit too quiet for many people, meaning you will often need to use headphones with the unit.

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Factory Reset:

Follow these steps, for restoring a Roland VT-12 to it’s factory reset:

  1. power on while simultaneously holding the [ b ] button, [ # ] button, and [ speaker ] button.
  2. Finally, to execute the factory reset, press the [ >/• ] button. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! This procedure will erase all recorded sound and user tracks. So be sure to back up any information you wish to keep. Hopefully the article of “Reset a Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer” can help you.

Reference: Roland VT-12 manual