Reset a Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ

Roland’s V-Combo line has always been about live performance keyboards that put drawbar organ sounds center stage but bundle in other gig essentials like acoustic and electric pianos, synths, strings, basses, brass, and more. The Roland VR09 is impressively portable at just 12lbs (5kg) and can also run on batteries. Build quality is good for the money and the dials and switches have a solid feel. Travel-ready, affordable, and outfitted with top-level Roland sounds, the V-Combo VR-09 is the ideal all-in-one solution for performing keyboard players.

According to several user reviews, they have praised it for the full of quality sounds; Intuitive and easy to use; Very portable. Also, some users have complained it for the unweighted action is stiff at the top of the key travel. No aftertouch; Data wheel requires a sensitive touch not to overshoot your goal; Keyboard limited to two-way split or layer—though you can get more with an external controller.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings in Roland VR-09, first press the [MENU] button and select “System.” menu by turning the VALUE dial and then press the ENTER button. Select the “Factory Reset.” by use the CURSOR (∧∨) buttons and press the ENTER button. When a confirmation message appears, press ENTER button again to start the Factory Reset operation. Finally, turn the power off, then on again.

Warning! When you execute “Factory Reset”, all settings you’ve previously saved will be lost. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Reset a Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ” can help you.

Reference: Roland VR-09 manual