Reset a Clavia Nord Lead 4 Analog Modeling Synth

The Nord Lead is a series of virtual analog subtractive synthesizers, manufactured by Clavia. The company was released its first synth back in 1995, the Nord Lead, a model of the Prophet-5, from which it takes part of the architecture and factory sounds. In 2013 Clavia announced the Nord Lead 4 at the annual Musikmesse show in Germany. There’re two models: Nord Lead 4 with 49 synth-keys or Nord Lead 4R Table-top rack mountable version. Nords are always ruggedly built too, and in this respect it’s business as usual with the NL4. It has the familiar tough metal case, along with the classic Nord wooden pitch bend, plus the quirky stone effect mod wheel. Furthermore, similar to the Nord Wave, the Lead 4 has a dedicated FX section featuring reverb, delay, crush and distortion. With innovative new performance features, advanced layering and synchronization possibilities, new filter types and on-board effects, the Nord Lead 4 is a synthesizer dream come true.

According to several Clavia Nord Lead 4 reviewers, some users have praised it for the Authentic analogue emulation, with plenty of sound shaping options; The independence between Programs and Performances; An arpeggiator has been reintroduced; Free additional sound libraries; Wavetables, tasty effects and new filter modes. Also, some users have complained it for the Multitimbral zone management could be more flexible; Lacks some features you’d expect, chiefly aftertouch and a decent-sized display; Controls are a bit too close to each other.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to restoring a Nord Lead 4 to its Factory content by using the Nord Sound Manager and downloading a Restore file. The Restore files are named as Nord MODEL Factory Restore vXX revY. Please click HERE to downloading the Nord Lead 4 Factory Restore file from the Nord website.

To start restoring the Nord Lead 4, first you should connect your Nord Lead 4 to the computer and launch the Nord Sound Manager. Then, click on the Restore icon in the Nord Sound Manager toolbar and a file browser will appear. Next, locate the downloaded file, select it and click Open. When a message a appears, click Restore to start initialization of the program.

Warning! When you execute this “Factory Reset” procedure, the all the content in the Nord instrument will be irrevocably replaced by the content from the Restore file. Do not turn off the Nord instrument or disconnect the USB connection while restoring is in progress. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Reset a Clavia Nord Lead 4 Analog Modeling Synth” can help you.

Reference: Nord support