Performing a Soft Reset in the Future Retro Revolution

This is a analog synth kits, modules & parts. for electronic music enthusiasts. The latest concept synthesizer with an intuitive interface that we feel most accurately represents the principles of time and music. Future Retro Revolution is a monophonic TB-style analog synthesizer tied to a step-based pattern and song based sequencer, designed for the techno, trance, acid, and electro-blip-beep-bop musicians. There are also on-board analog and DSP effects processing, and various interfacing options for controlling MIDI, CV/Gate, and Din Sync devices. This unit is housed in a rugged aluminum chassis with aluminum side panels, a high contrast white on gun metal grey finish for superior viewing of controls in dark environments, and bright blue LEDs all around.

According to several Future Retro Revolution reviewers, some users have praised it for the configuration is all that is simpler; The on-board digital effects are good; solid and well built. Also, some users have complained it for a loses the Remix feature which is actually a simple alteration of rhythmic patterns, very similar to faonctions “alter pattern” of many software.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings in your Future Retro Revolution, just simply power on while simultaneously holding the STEP KEY 1 button until the LEDs stop circling around the display. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! This procedure will initialize all the internal parameters of the sequencer to a default value within the usable range. Be sure that you want to do this. This also applies to the 777, Mobius, and Orb units. Hopefully the article of “Performing a Soft Reset in the Future Retro Revolution” can help you.

Reference: Future Retro support