Performing a Global Reset in Roland FR 3x V Accordion

In 2004, after several years of research, a dream of Roland founder Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi came true: the V-Accordion was born. This instrument was the world’s first fully digital accordion, powered by the groundbreaking new Physical Behavior Modeling technology. In 2010, Roland introduced the compact FR-3x V-Accordion with new bellows pressure-sensing circuitry, USB Flash Memory connector for external storage. V-Accordions are manufactured in Italy by Roland Europe, in Acquaviva Picena in the Marche region. This factory is part of the Roland Corporation group, whose headquarters are located in Japan.

The FR-3x is the perfect fusion of traditional accordion performance and modern digital functionality. With the FR-3x, accordionists can switch between an Italian jazz accordion, to German folk, French musette, Russian bajan, or a variety of other accordion sounds without changing technique. Lightweight and portable the FR-3x is perfect for students, accordion hobbyists, as well as stage performers.

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Factory Reset:

To restoring a┬áRoland FR 3x to it’s factory reset, just simply power on while simultaneously holding the Treble Registers [5] and [0] until the “FCt” appears on the display. When all settings have been initialized, the display will shos “don”. Next, switch off the FR-3x, then switch it back on again. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! This procedure will return all of the settings to the values when the GT-PRO was shipped from the factory. Be sure that you want to do this. This procedure also applies to the FR-3x Piano type / FR-3x Button type unit. Hopefully the article of Performing a Global Reset in Roland FR 3x V Accordion can help you.

Reference: Roland FR 3x manual