Performing a global reset in Clavia Nord Stage EX

This is a digital keyboard or stage piano, manufactured by Clavia Digital Music Instruments of Stockholm in Sweden. The Nord Stage EX, was released in November 2008. The EX looks very similar to the standard Nord Stage. The main noticeable difference is that instead of the original Stage’s multi-coloured front panel livery, the EX’s is an altogether more grey and black affair. It’s featuring the best of Clavia’s award-winning technologies! Organ, Piano and Synth – All in one package. The Nord Stage EX come in three different models, 88, 76 and Compact. The 88 and 76 both feature weighted hammer-action keyboards while the Compact is equipped with a semi-weighted organ (waterfall profile) keyboard.

According to several Clavia Nord Stage EX reviewers, some users have praised it for the little or no menu diving required for most functions – grab a dial and play; Three different sizes available, all with very playable actions; Authentic-sounding sampled emulations of organs, pianos and electric keys and a decent synth. Also, some users have complained it for not a massive update; New colour scheme is harder on the eyes.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to restoring a Clavia Nord Stage EX to its Factory content by using the Nord Sound Manager and downloading a Restore file. The Restore files are named as Nord MODEL Factory Restore vXX revY. Please click HERE to downloading the Clavia Nord Stage EX Factory Restore file from the Nord website.

To start restoring the Clavia Nord Stage EX, first you should connect your Clavia Nord Stage EX to the computer and launch the Nord Sound Manager. Then, click on the Restore icon in the Nord Sound Manager toolbar and a file browser will appear. Next, locate the downloaded file, select it and click Open. When a message a appears, click Restore to start initialization of the program.

Warning! When you execute this “Factory Reset” procedure, the all the content in the Nord instrument will be irrevocably replaced by the content from the Restore file. Do not turn off the Nord instrument or disconnect the USB connection while restoring is in progress. Be sure that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of “Performing a global reset in Clavia Nord Stage EX” can help you.

Reference: Nord support