Laney Linebacker LR35 Guitar Modelling Amplifier Review

The tastes every guitarist in finding the desired sound character of course vary. Some are looking for a way to use guitar effects stomp box type, and there are more than happy to rely on multi-effect digital format. Proficiency level to meet the needs of course sometimes it takes a lot of fund. But Laney as a British amplifier manufacturers provide step solution that fits the guitar sound, ie, through the launch of its newest product guitar amps, Laney Line Becker LR35. A guitar amp with modeling digital format with package menus and features that are already fairly complete in it.

This type of combo amps are packed like guitar amps in general, and the box-shaped case of black color on all sides. Amp with two channels and a powerful 35 watt offers a variety of features such as 22 amp models, 4 modulation effects (chorus, flanger, tremolo, phaser) delay, and reverb. Then in the amp weighs 10.5 kg, there were already control panel that is simple and very easy to operate.

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However, need little adaptation to understand the performance of this amp. On the front panel, contains eight players knob settings, each for channel 1 (amp, volume), channel 2 (amp, volume), EQ (countour, presense), modulation and delay knob. Also, there is a hole menu input, aux in (mp3 / cd) and digital tuner menu. On the back, there is a power button, power cable, headphone (record out) and hole foot switch (mono / stereo).

Other facilities, LR35 also provide some means of input as aux in, headphones, digital tuner and record out for connection to external speakers or input to a computer for recording purposes. For ease operation, this amp also comes with a footswitch facility to move the desired channel. To spout his voice, LR35 features a 10-inch-sized speaker with a custom type of driver. The results the sound is quite loud bursts with its clarity and range are amazing.