Laney LC50-112 50W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp Review

The quality of the tube combo amp 50 watts of power can not be underestimated. Being in grade A / B Class and has astonishing sound power. Especially when compared in the range of mid-range sound. Very not disappointing! And apparently, his voice getting fanged when dosing volumes continue to increase!

LC50 112 is presented to the “high” and “low” input as well as two independent channels (clean and drive) that can be controlled activation based on taste. On the clean channel can produce bright sound, simply by setting the control gain, bass, volume, middle, treble and bright. While on the drive channel is very modern character can also be obtained from the processed bass, middle, treble, volume and modern buttons. Even with tinkering with this channel, you can produce a more dense distortion. Still less? There is another additional feature and a master tone knob Reverb to explore tonal options are more varied.

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The advantages of this amp sound is also inseparable from the role of speaker combination 12 “Celestion Seventy 80 with tube processed options that make his sound is totally characterless and capable of producing sustain-laden lost interest. Especially if reinforced with additional reverb effects. Another advantage of this amp is physical strength. Although a little bit heavy, but it is comparable with the results of the sound it produces. The only thing that makes you need extra attention is the tube, because that’s where life was particularly.

Also, although the combo, but this amp is not at all allergic to users who want loud music like metal. Moreover, it seems, the gain can be controlled so. And if still not well, you simply equip it with additional distortion pedal for maximum results. But trust me, no other extra gear, this amp is very adequate to complete the requirements of sound. Highly recomended!

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