Laney AH80 Audiohub Amplifier Combo Review

The working principle of Laney Audiohub 80 is very simple, namely a flexible multi-amplifier and versatile. It is designed for musicians or active audio lovers with a variety of musical activities in order to appear more optimal, flexible and have good sound quality. As the name implies, Audiohub as being multi-amplifier can be used for multiple instruments such as keyboards, electronic drums, vocals, guitar acoustic / electric, bass, and for audio needs. Its use was very easy, just connect the input and output of the instrument and Audiohub ready to work with the maximum.

In appearance, Laney AH80 measuring 433 x 413 x 368 (mm) and weighing 13.5 kg was packed with a box-shaped construction-cabinet combo black carpeted almost the entire surface of the amps. Features of fairly complete as 80 watts of power, 3-channel operation (Ch 1: Balanced XLR / unbalanced line, Ch 2: stereo unbalanced line, Ch 3: Hi-Z instrument), 10-inch speaker driver design with HF Horn, master 5 band graphic EQ, effects of on-board digital delay, AUX / CD input, DI out, and some other features.

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On the front panel AH80, lined regulator such as line / mic input level knob on each channel, the effect of delay on each channel (level, feedback, time), stereo line input, line in / instrument inputs, 5 graphic EQ, master volume, aux input, line out, phones and lED power light. As for the power switch, voltage select switch, connect the power cable and airspaces two holes placed at the back of the speaker amps.

Besides being used for a variety of instruments, AH80 can also be used for purposes of music audio output such as mp3 / cd player, laptop / computer or gadget. 80 watts of power and 10 inch speaker AH80 owned, produces the sound is quite loud and highly optimized to serve the purposes of the PA system in the studio or on stage. So, it is very convenient to make the concept of mini-concerts, acoustic or the solo organ. To make it more focused, should put the amp in a slightly tilted position facing up, like speaker monitors.

Laney Audiohub AH80 give solutions the right choice, optimal and be suggestions complete facilities for the needs of music anywhere. Read also “Schecter Guitar Research SGR C-7 7 String Electric Guitar Review” and another gear reviews. Hopefully the article of Laney AH80 Audiohub Amplifier Combo Review useful for you.