Laney AH 300 Audiohub Combo 300 Watt Keyboard Amp Review

For musicians, especially the keyboardist who wants to add a musical performance, but with the amp is simple, practically and rich in features, Laney AH300 amplifier products can be relied upon. Laney AH (Audio Hub) 300 is the latest output amplifiers are equipped with an audio connection. Then there is a row of rich features in it like 5 independent channels with XLR input jack connection, line, hi-impedance / instruments, stereo phone, 3.5 mm aux in, power of 300 Watts, graphic EQ, 16 preset effects (chorus, reverb, delay ), effects send-return loop and other features.

Besides being used as a keyboard amp, AH300 also is ideal for both vocals, acoustic instruments (guitar, bass, violin), electric drums and output audio (mp3, cd player, laptop / computer). Because AH300 features a power of 300 watts so it is optimal to serve the purposes of the PA system in the studio or on stage, or for the purposes of the concept of the solo organ, and a mini concert.

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In addition, the panel is also equipped with a 5-channel amplifier and a custom designed 15-inch speaker with HF Horn protected by iron grilles buffer. And with a pair of buffer in the left-right for easy amps when being transported or moved. The weight of this amp itself is 21.5 kg with dimensions measuring 548 x 515 x 435 (mm).

In addition to the standing position (standard), AH300 can also be placed in a slanting position, like a sound monitor. Sound comes out to be more focused sound to the ear. For ease of operation, AH300 also comes with a footswitch FS 1 connection for easy operation. Amps that sound very impressive production is certainly can be a reference for you who likes to experiment with sound. Read also “Line6 POD Studio UX1 & UX2 Overview” and another gear reviews. Hopefully the article of Laney AH 300 Audiohub Combo 300 Watt Keyboard Amp Review useful for you.