JTS UDA-49A Active UHF Directional Antenna Review

JTS Professional, Taiwanese brand that is engaged in a special system for wireless microphones and instruments, re-launched its newest product JTS UDA-49A. A device antenna signal splitter for applying wireless microphone.

Physical form of JTS UDA-49A, measuring 36 cm x 35 cm with a unique shape like a stingray which has a pair of wings that span the width. Also equipped with a signal frequency receiving device in it, and a hole connecting to the stand when the pole will be used in a standing position.

JTS UDA-49A Active UHF Directional Antenna ReviewImage source: audiocity2u.com

Performance, JTS UDA-49A serves to improve and strengthen the signal reception of the microphone toward the PA system or mixer according to the desired distance. JTS UDA-49 which weighs about 400 grams has the ability to operate reliably, such as may receive the frequency band 470-870 MHz, 10 dB gain antenna, received signal with a slope of up to 100 degrees, booster option gain (3dB / 10dB), LED light: 3dB gain booster (green), 10 dB (red).

For the installation, select the features menu on the gain (3dB / 10bB) according to the cable length or a desired distance, 3dB = 10dB = 15 meters and 50 meters. Then, connect the cable to the antenna, and connect to a wireless receiver or antenna distribution system. If the connection cable is connected, the LED light will turn on by itself. And determine the distance between the antenna and the location of the microphone. So that the performance of the antenna can receive both frequencies.

The performance and operational JTS UDA-49A is very helpful in terms of sound distribution in a microphone during an event. Also very helpful for audio lovers actors, musicians and sound engineer though. Read also “Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier Review” and another gear reviews. Hopefully the article of JTS UDA-49A Active UHF Directional Antenna Review useful for you.