Jts Tm-969 Dynamic Microphone Review

In general, the function of a microphone is only used for one of the requirements such as vocals or to perform ‘mic-ing’ to a speaker amplifier. However, both of these have now been applied only with a single microphone device only. JTS TM-969 is the latest stage microphone of the JTS Professional, a Taiwanese manufacturer, who brings the concept of a multi-microphone as standard entry level. This tool can receive output frequency sounds, ranging from vocal sound to speaker device instrument.

JTS TM-969 display look like a dynamic microphone cable types in general. TM-969 has some size dimensions. At the top diameter of 50.4 mm, and at the bottom of 23 mm diameter, with a length: 174 mm. In terms of construction, the TM-969 body wrapped chasing of die-cast material, or steel. And on the top side, coated with silver grille to protect the magnetic pickup. So it is quite strong and comfortable when in the grip. This type of microphone cables, also equipped with three pin pro audio connectors (XLR male) in it.

jts tm 969 reviewImage source: amazon.com

In use, the TM-969 is able to respond to sound frequencies ranging from 80-12.000Hz quickly. Power sensitivity owned by TM 969 (on 1,000Hz) is ranged -75dB * (0.18mV) * 0dB = 1V / μbar. So as to capture the source of vocal sounds from the speakers or amplifiers as amps guitars, bass, keyboards with the results of sound articulation clear and responsive. It has quite a surprisingly defined high end, adding quite a lot of presence to a voice. Recently I did some frequency analysis tests on all my microphones and headphones. There is an incredible similarity between this mic and the legendary Shure SM57.

Although somewhat entry-level class, the presence of JTS TM-969 has provided the best solution to explore the function of a microphone. Starting from the need for vocal, karaoke, mic-ing drums until the amplifier.

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