JTS IN164R Microphone Wireless System Review

Do not want to be bothered with the affairs of the cable and want to move freely comfortable while on stage? It seems that this product should be your choice. A professional wireless devices, specifically for microphones and instruments, namely JTS IN164R, the latest release of JTS.

JTS IN164R, is a series of types: JTS IN series. IN164R brought the concept design of RF remote (remoset), by applying signal reception system (receiver), which can be set according to the needs of its users desired distance. Simply by pressing the menu-remoset on tool box, and specify the desired distance needs. Then, the transmitter will automatically receive the settings.

JTS IN164R reviewImage source: jts.com.tw

This UHF signal remoset technology, can capture the frequency of the signal from the receiver to the transmitter up to 200-480 meters. It is a technology-based wireless remote control the first time in the world, which has now been used by a JTS IN164R first time.

JTS IN164R completeness is quite a fairly complete wireless package, because it is supported IN164R as receiver, IN264TH for the microphone, and IN264TB as a transmitter. All three of these tools into a unified package that is very important when operating revenues frequency signal to produce the perfect sound.

IN164 (receiver) also equipped with a LCD screen display (RF level, audio level, low battery indicator, antenna status, channel selection), remoset menu, preset 6 groups (maximum 23 channels per group), and bandwidth up to 36 MHz. IN264TH (microphone) equipped with a phase-locked loop synthesized tuner, the antenna design, power 2 x AA batteries for up to 12 hours, LCD display and heavy-duty plastic case. IN264TB (transmitter) equipped with a phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesized tuner, 4 Pin Mini XLR connector, 2 x AA batteries power up to 12 hours, LCD display and heavy duty plastic case, and noise mute. Special, this transmitter can be used for wireless instrument such as a guitar or bass.

The performance and operational IN164R JTS has 36MHz of bandwidth that can divide as much as 23 transmitters simultaneously while running another display. This provides convenience for the users including sound engineer, audio lovers and musicians are always struggling in a large venue.

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