Jeep Cherokee: How To Open Gas Tank Cap / Fuel Door (2014-2021)

Jeep Cherokee: How To Open Gas Tank Cap / Fuel Door (2014-2021) – Jeep Cherokee is a series of all-terrain vehicle models from the American company Jeep. It has been produced since 1974. This car was marketed under the name Jeep Liberty in the United States, but in 2014 Jeep changed it to the name Cherokee worldwide.

It turns out that there are still many people who don’t understand how to open the gas cap on this car. Indeed, not all cars have the same principle to open the gas tank cap.

Jeep Cherokee: How To Open Gas Tank Cap / Fuel Door (2014-2021)

As explained earlier. Each generation of the Jeep Cherokee has a different fuel door-opening method. Some use the buttons; it is also sufficient to press the lid. Depending on your vehicle model years, here are a few ways to open the gas cap or fuel door:

2014-2018 Model Years

It’s actually quite easy to open the gas tank cap on this vehicle because you just need to press a button with the gas station icon located on the driver’s side door trim. The fuel door will open and allow you to fill up the gasoline.

Emergency Gas Tank Cap Release

If needed, there is also an emergency release located under the rear right-hand side trim in the cargo area. Follow the instructions below to do it:

  • Open the trunk door
  • Remove access door located on right interior trim panel
  • Find and then pull the release cable to open the fuel door

2019-2021 Model Years

Time needed: 1 minute

Unlike the previous model, this new model (2019 2020 2021) does not have a button in the car to open the gas tank cap. Here’s how to open the fuel door:

  1. Turn off the car

    Keep the vehicle in PARK and unlock the car

  2. Get out of the vehicle and find the fuel door

    The fuel door is located on the left side of the vehicle

  3. Push and release the center-rear edge of the fuel door

    It will pop open and allowing you to refuel the car

This way should apply to the fifth generation of the Jeep Cherokee (2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 model years). Hopefully, the article Jeep Cherokee: How To Open Gas Tank Cap / Fuel Door (2014-2021) can solve your problem. Good Luck!


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