Ibanez RG550 Electric Guitar Review

Since its emergence in 1987 ago – although its production was stopped in 1994 – Ibanez RG550 made ​​in Japan has become one of the phenomenal guitar in the world, especially among guitar shredder that require high-quality guitar to meet those needs. One of them is Steve Vai. Inspired RG550, Steve was making his own signature model guitar, the Ibanez JEM.

After more than 25 years of take part, which inspired the shape Stratocaster guitar is now emerging with a fresh new look. One is an Ibanez RG550 DY type (Desert Sun Yellow). What distinguishes the type RG550 with other RG series is the addition of a pick guard on the body, and maple neck, and striking colors.

Ibanez RG550 Guitar reviewImage source: sixstringzone.com

Skillful and technically, it is implied clearly display on RG550, where the design incorporates a very supportive tool, such as the figure of the material basswood body, double cutaway grooves, highlighter yellow finish, black pickguard, maple neck, up-down tremolo bridge, HSH pickup (humbucker-single-humbucker) and 24th fret amounting Highly RG ‘super Strat’. It is suitable for a ‘shredder’ who love to explore the whole of his fingers optimally.

In the neck, the guitar scale 25 ½ inches (648mm) using five layers of hard maple wizard which also coated maple walnut material to the fretboard. Also there are 24 jumbo frets along with black dot inlays that adorn a stretch of the neck. For playabillity, of course no doubt, very comfortable and good in the hand. For blend with the body, this guitar uses bolt-on system, the connection uses four bolts on the back. Also coated with a flat iron bearing the serial number and Ibanez made ​​in Japan logos.

Headstock design distinctive yellow and marked with a strip tick Ibanez looks very distinctive and easy to recognize.  Also pinned six-string tuning binder types GotohSG381-machine-heads. For buffer the strings, this guitar embed a edge-tremolo bridge up-down type. For the size of the strings, RG550 using 009-042 string size-round-wound types (D’Addario: EXL120). Very fit and flexible to be played in up-down tremolo. Do not worry, strings, has been firmly attached and will remain stable. So you can freely explore the technique of harmonics or whammy-bar-tremolo without worrying about tuning changes.

As a sound source, Ibanez RG550 is pinning HSH pickup configuration. Pickup type used is the default standard of Ibanez, ie Ibanez type V1 (neck), Ibanez S1 (middle), Ibanez V2 (bridge). The settings can be done through five switches and two knobs control regulator, volume and tone. The character of sound produced tends to be bright but at the same time leads to a vintage rock impressed.

In addition to DY (Desert Sun Yellow) color, Ibanez RG550 also provides two other color options namely with red RF (Road Flare Red) and purple VC (Violet Chameleon)  finish. So, in addition to its ability to accommodate the needs of the shred game, outward appearance is also appetizing!