Ibanez Premium S970WRW Electric Guitar Review

Ibanez S Series is better known as an electric guitar designed with a slim body shape and output jacks are located on the body. So even on the type of Ibanez Premium S970WRW, the latest of the following Ibanez. In addition to skillful and technical concept, Ibanez S970WRW also designed to be more flexible and dynamic. Because supported some powerful features. For example, in addition to a sleek body construction, as well as a double cutaway, 5 pickups (double-single-double) and bridge edge zero II super-stable.

S970WRW construction is a bit much refers to the type of models Ibanez S series, which has a slim body and is not too heavy when played in a sitting or standing position. This contoured double cutaway guitar, using a type of African mahogany wood material that is coated with a rosewood at the top. Also included is a line of white trim on side of body. With a glossy finish, making the figure S970 look natural, dynamic and elegant.

Ibanez Premium S970WRW reviewImage source: lamusic.ca

On the neck, the guitar scale 25.5 inches (648 mm) using five layers of wood materials wizard wenge / bubinga, and shape variations of the two lines on the back of the neck. For the fretboard, bound rosewood wood use, which is has 24 jumbo frets and dot inlays on the upper side. Then, the overall hardware, such as machine tuners, nut, frets, bridge, knobs, and strap pins greased layer cosmo black color that makes this guitar look more handsome!

When trying S970WRW, feel the comfort of its playability, especially on the neck that feels smooth, detailed, convenient and comfortable in the hand. Make finger feels more easy and agile explore the entire strings on the fretboard. One who makes, Ibanez products a favorite of many guitarists today is the technology of its tuning stability extraordinary. The implementation of bridge edge zero II tremolo type, making string tension is always stable and in-tune even though there is one of the strings broke.

In the electronic terms, S970 relies on passive alnico pickup configurations (HSH), namely CAP-CL1 humbucker (neck), CAP-VM1S singles (middle), and CAP-CL2 humbucker (bridge) which is controlled by a switch or five-way switch system. Volume and tone knob can be used as a measure setting the sound issued. Although using passive pickups, but the guitar sound is still sensitive, very sensitive and responsive. So believe me, Ibanez Premium S970WRW is an excellent product that is worth your try!

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