Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature Electric Guitar Detail Specs And Reviews

Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature Electric Guitar Detail Specs And Reviews

Herman Li is a Hong Kong-born British musician and record producer. He is perhaps best known as one of two lead guitarists for the power metal band DragonForce. The Ibanez EGEN8 is a E-Gen series guitar model and signature model of guitarist, and Call this guitar the budget version of DragonForce guitarist Herman’s two grand plus EGEN18 signature is a bit unfair. It was introduced in 2010.

When DragonForce guitarist Herman Li wanted a guitar that could handle his otherworldly technique and musicality, both he and Ibanez knew it would take time to get everything just right. It took three years. But they did get it right. The Ibanez E-Gen8 is played by Li exactly as it is, live on stage, in the studio, right off-the-shelf without any modifications. The EGEN8 is based on the S model but features a number of model specific features, including the Kung Fu Grip on the upper horn. Let’s see the detail specs of this guitar.

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neck type Wizard III 3pc Maple neck
body Flamed Maple top/Mahogany body
fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay
fret Jumbo frets
bridge Edge III bridge (Herman Li Special)
neck pu V7 (H) neck pu (Passive/Ceramic)
middle pu S1 (S) mid pu (Passive/Alnico)
bridge pu V8 (H) bridge pu (Passive/Alnico)
hardware color Gold
Switching System5 way switching system
Scale 648mm/25.5″
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c : Thickness at 1st 19mm
d : Thickness at 12th 21mm
Radius 400mmR


This guitar is made in Indonesia. It’s a solid double-cut guitar with body made of mahogany back and flamed maple top and Ibanez calls the colour Platinum Blonde. The 3-piece maple EGEN bolt-on neck has the high-speed Ibanez Wizard II profile with 24-fret rosewood fretboard is special oval inlays. The mahogany gives brightness to the sound but get cutted from the fingerboard. The 2-pieces body erases any noise. The final sound is a bit darker then expected (maybe because of the set-up), the body amplifies effectively most of the harmonics but looses (not so much) in high frequencies. The body is from a series saber so super fine. Top panel is carved and equipped with special “finger grip” carvings situated on the inner side of the upper horn.

Generally, ibanez has two popular neck profiles on their guitars; Wizard and Wizard II. Prestige class guitars have wizard type necks and generally low-end guitars have the wizard II. They are similar but not too much. WII’s are more like a D-type and wizards feels more of a C-type, IMHO. Wizards are a little bit thinner and slightly flatter (Wizard radious=430 mm, WII’s=400 mm) than WII’s. Current Herman Li series guitar also have the WII, and that gives Herman the playability he needs.


The EGEN8 pickup force is ready and able for a wide range of sound and attack: V8 (H) bridge, S1 (S) mid, and V7 (H) neck. The Vintage 8 bridge humbucker with alnico magnet is warm yet articulate lead pickup with enhanced overtones. Good harmonics without excessive brightness. Its passive so no battery and stuff. Its covered so no screw corrosion. The SINGLE 1 in the middle position is traditional-sounding yet high output single coil with Alnico-5 pole pieces for even string output. Designed to work with humbuckers in the split position. The V7 is an Ibanez stock pickup, less output than the Infinity series but still somewhat hot, more like a medium-high gain. Its name suggest what its good for, “Vintage 7” hence the medium to high output. It has volume control, tone control, 5-way selector, splittable PUs.


Bridge section is the Ibanez Edge double locking trem with gold plating. The Edge III tremolo, despite the advice I’ve read in the forum, is the agreement even after several divebombs well supported. Edge III is suitable for budget musicians. The above nothing wrong, may be it is an Edge III but specific to the signature Hermann Li . And if you take good care of it, i think it will last.

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Overall obviously this guitar has been designed as a cheaper version of Herman Li’s signature EGEN18 and is therefore suited to metal and shredding and it does both quite well for the price. The slim-bodied EGEN8 is a proquality instrument in every way. You could play Wonderwall on this guitar, but the EGEN8 will be most at home with dedicated shredders. It’s designed to provide serious playability and a huge range of tones – and does its job brilliantly. The price of Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature Electric Guitar is about $849.99

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