Ibanez AW70ECE-NT Artwood Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Ibanez AW70ECE-NT is a type of acoustic-electric guitar, Ibanez latest release, which is a series of type Artwood Series Dreadnought with a kind of folk-style single cutaway body indentations are equipped with a variety of impressive features in it. As electronic devices Ibanez SPT preamp, XLR output jack / 1/4 “, dovetail neck joint and using some choice wood material.

The construction is packed with design combines the two concepts of traditional folk style and look of modern features, which is executed through a side view of a solid body, single cutaway body construction, covered in natural colors ranging from the headstock to the body, as well as modern technological embedded electronic devices.

ibanez artwood aw70ece-nt reviewImage source: ibanez.co.jp

The figure of the body and neck with a charm of its natural color, making this guitar looks ideal when used, and quite comfortable when used on a standing or sitting position. Ibanez AW70 reinforce character, which is perfect as a traditional acoustic guitar acoustic modern style.

Then on the front of the body, the material used is solid Stika spruce wood types that generally does a lot and is ideal for the front surface of the body in an acoustic guitar. While on the back side and his side the type of material relied mahogany wood. AW70 seemingly slightly wider body, because it has a dimension of 50.8 cm long, 15 cm by 12.7 cm body thickness. But the body is wide and thick as a soundboard or tube can produce acoustic sound is thick and clear. Circular rosette design on the hole and pickguard adds a sweetener to the body.

On the neck, the guitar scale is 65.1 cm using mahogany wood material to the back side and coated rosewood for the fingerboard. Specifically, AW70 has dimensions of 2.2 cm thickness of the neck (frets 1-7) and 2.4 cm (FRET 7-20). For size of the width of the fret, has a dimension size of 4.3 cm (FRET 1-12) and 5.5 cm (fret 14). Also equipped with embedded 20 iron fret and dots inlay across the fret board. On the headstock, there are six chrome-plated tuning machine to bind and regulate the tuning strings are connected to the bridge.

For more leverage, Ibanez AW70 equipped with electronic devices such as pickups and preamp Ibanez SPT Shape Shifter ™ that equipped with 3 control buttons (volume, phase, tuner), 3-band EQ (treble, middle, bass), tone control and shape control. There is also an electronic chromatic tuner display menu (ABCDEFG- #) that can be accurately set up the guitar strings. In the output section, there are two options, namely using type jack cable ¼ “or XLR-type cable jack that can be connected directly to a PA system or mixer. To activate electronic, required by 9 volt battery. For operation, simply add the cable to the input jack and plugs directly into an amplifier or mixer. Then, let the acoustic characteristics of the room echoed the whole studio or stage.

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