Ibanez AS73B Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Besides being known as, combat guitar figure, expansion and innovation applied to Ibanez guitar also has spawned various other reliable character. Like the Ibanez Artcore AS73BS, kind of hollow body electric guitar which was subjected to trials following the editorial team. On the body and neck are united with ‘artcore system set-in’, the material used is maple, and the fingerboard using rosewood. Then topped with brown sunburst finish, makes this guitar look into look classy and attractive.

AS73BS equipped with a variety of innovative features, such as embedding double humbucker pickup configuration ACH1 type (neck) and ACH2 (bridge) are packed with iron plate as a cover material pickup. Both have the function and character sound different. Because the material used is both ceramic magnets, materials that can deliver the perfect sound signals.

Ibanez Artcore AS73BS reviewsImage source: fasterlouder.com.au

For the bridge pickup, ACH2 type produces a distinctive guitar sound clean semi-holowbody, that feels acoustic nuances. Sounded almost no highs and lows. If the switch on the point in the middle position, both the bridge and neck pickups deliver the low-mid character. And ACH1 in the neck pickup, clean sound character of the resulting sound is a bit overdriven. However capable of reducing sustain and excessive feedback. To control or regulate the election of his sound character, can be controlled by four knobs, two volume for the bridge and neck, and two for the bridge tone and neck tone. Option to enable the pickup can be selected via the 3-way toggle switch.

Playability is the most important thing that should be attempted when going to buy a guitar. But this guitar is made with careful calculation. C-shapped neck shape makes hand grip feels comfortable when the guitar is played. Also feel stable, since refuted ART1 bridge type that makes the strings always precise yet easily removable when changing the strings. Artcore AS73BS is the perfect solution for guitarists who want an electric guitar while still able to get the feel of an acoustic.

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