How To Uninstall Line 6 Pod Farm 2

POD Farm is a premium tone plug-ins that add world-renowned POD tone to any DAW. Pod Farm launched a couple of years back as a replacement for Line 6’s GearBox software. There are two versions – Pod Farm 2, which has 87 amps, cabs, stompboxes and studio effects, and Pod Farm 2 Platinum, which has a whopping 255. Both work in exactly the same way. They are packed with extensive model counts for guitarists, bassists and vocalists, and deliver lightning-fast workflows. It’s a download-only product that requires either an iLok dongle or compatible Line 6 hardware such as a TonePort or Pod Studio. POD Farm from Line 6 allows you to break free from space limitations by modeling the most popular equipment from the past 50 years in the music industry.

According to several Line 6 Pod Farm 2, some users have praised it for the Huge range of amps, cabs and effects; Pod Farm Elements are most welcome; Covers all the tonal bases adeptly; Particularly adept at clean sounds. Also, some users have complained it for the No standalone mode with iLok version; Some presets relatively noisy.

Line6 POD Farm 2.5 Platinum uninstall
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Remove all Presets on MAC:

To permanently remove all Presets in the Line 6 Pod Farm 2 from a MAC OSX computer, drag the entire POD Farm 2 folder to the Trash, that is located on the computer at following file location:

  • Documents/Line 6/Tones/POD Farm 2 folder.

On Windows:

To permanently remove all Presets in the Line 6 Pod Farm 2 from a Windows computer, move the entire POD Farm 2 folder to the Recycle Bin, that is located on the computer at following file location:

  • My Documents\Line 6\Tones\POD Farm 2


Driver Uninstall on MAC

To uninstall the Line 6 Drivers from a MAC OSX computer, use the Line 6 Driver Uninstaller that is located on the computer at following file location:

  • Applications/Line 6/Drivers/Driver uninstaller

First run the Line 6 Driver Then, click the Uninstall button. Enter your Mac account name and password and click OK. Once the brief uninstall process completes, go to the File menu and quit the Line 6 Uninstaller. The driver uninstall procedure is complete.

On Windows

To uninstall the Line 6 Drivers from a Windows OS computer, use Line 6 Uninstaller utility on your system, that is located on the computer at following file location:

  • Windows Start button\Programs\Line6, (or in the Add/Remove Programs utility within the Windows Control Panel.)

First unplug your Line 6 USB or iLok hardware and exit the all other applications, and launch the Uninstaller. Then click Next when the first screen welcomes showed to continue. Choose components to uninstall and then click Uninstall when you’ve selected the desired components. The uninstallation process will now run its course. Click Next once it has completed. Finally click Finish to close the dialog.

Note: The process is the same for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Hopefully the article of  “How To Uninstall Line 6 Pod Farm 2” was useful.

Reference: Pod Farm 2 manual