How To Reset The Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler To Restoring The Factory Settings

The Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Guitar Multi Effects Pedal is much more than just a pedal. In simple terms, the M13 contains a chain of four stompbox modellers, which each modeller has three memories, equating to the three footswitches under each control panel, so you can store three sounds for each of the modellers, plus the Verbzilla from the Tonecore range. This pedal has the soul of a multi effect pedal and the power of a rack.

According to several user reviews, the Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler gets some compliments about the ingenious concept matched by great sounds; Good selection of effects; Responsive; and versatile. But this pedal’s also gets some complaint about a couple of little interface niggles; sub-par overdrive; and Quite Large.

line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler
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Factory Reset:

To Restoring The Factory Settings of Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler, first turn the Model Select Knob under LCD 4 until appear “Rst Fact?” on the display and then pust the knob. When the display appears “Reset To Factory?”, press the Model Select Knob again.

Warning! This procedure will be reset all the Factory defaults, including Scene Presets and Global settings. So I advise you to back up any Scenes you’d like to keep. Hopefully the article of “How To Reset The Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler To Restoring The Factory Settings” was useful.

Reference: Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler Manual