How To Reset The Boss RC-300 To Restoring The Factory Settings

The Boss RC-300 Loop Station is the new flagship looper from Boss. This looper features three synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume knobs and transport-control footswitches for each track. It’s also equipped with pro effects, a master Expression pedal, and a deluxe, ultra-wide control panel for the ultimate in live-performance manipulation.

According to several user reviews of Boss RC-300, it gets some compliments such built like a tank; Excellent Sound Quality; include three individually customizable and controllable tracks; ample memory; USB connectivity; built-in effects. But this multi effect also gets some complaints such additional footswitches are still required for full hands-free operation and there are a few irritating factory settings.

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Factory Reset:

To Restoring The Factory Settings of Boss RC-300, you must power on while simultaneously holding the Write and Exit buttons until “SYSTEM + MEMORY” appear in the display and then press the Write button. While “Completed!” appears in the display, you can turn off the power and power on again.

Warning! This procedure will erase all of the RC-300’s phrase memories, and cannot be recovered. Hopefully the article of “How To Reset The Boss RC-300 To Restoring The Factory Settings” was useful.

Reference: Boss RC-300 Manual