How To Reset The Boss MICRO BR BR-80 To Restoring The Factory Settings

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The Boss MICRO BR BR-80 is an all-new portable recorder that fits inside your guitar case. It is the ideal multitrack recorder for guitarists and recording musicians. Multitrack record mode gives you 8 playback tracks and 64 virtual tracks. Live record mode uses built-in stereo condenser mic to capture in-the-moment stereo recordings. Inside, it’s packing four and six-string COSM effects, DNA from its VE-20 to spice up your vocals, and eBand options.

According to several user reviews of Boss MICRO BR BR-80, it gets some compliments such-as Easy to use; Good range of effects and backing tracks; Smart price; Fully integrated and flexible. But it gets a complaint about poor-acoustic-simulator.

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Factory Reset:

To Restoring The Factory Settings of Boss MICRO BR BR-80, you must press the Menu button and then select “FUNCTION,” by using V 2 button. Select “F.RESET,” by using “up” button and press the Enter button.

Warning! This procedure will return all of the settings to the values when the GT-PRO was shipped from the factory. Hopefully the article of “How To Reset The Boss MICRO BR BR-80 To Restoring The Factory Settings” was useful.

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