How To Reset Sigma DP2 Quattro

Sigma introduced its latest range of cameras that fall into the Quattro series. Three new series is Quattro DP1, DP2 Quattro and Quattro DP3. This camera looks unique because of the unusual design. Seemingly sporty looks with a slim extends horizontally body. In this camera, Sigma buried Foveon X3 Direct Image sensors which is designed to apply as well as the traditional color film and capture layer information using a 45mm lens with a focal length equivalent to a 35mm lens.

Sigma DP2 Quattro is the first series of the third series were prepared Sigma. As for the Mid-tele DP3 and DP1 Quattro Wide been mentioned on the website belong to Sigma, but not yet officially launched. In a statement, explaining that the Sigma DP series for their latest, Sigma thinking and redesign every aspect of the camera, including sensors, machine, lens and body. By retaining a distinctive textural expressions and very famous from Sigma, Direct Image sensor Foveon sensor will produce an image more colorful, richer, deeper and more convincing than ever.

Sigma DP2 Quattro resetImage source:

 Along with the image processing technology of Sigma has been known so far, the new sensors are embedded in this dp series will produce exceptional resolution, proper gradation, gorgeous colors, and charming with a sense of realism of 3D. Sigma DP2 Quattro is currently not included battery and a memory card in it.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Sigma DP2 Quattro to it’s factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  • press menu button
  • press the [ > / dial right] button to select “Camera Setting”
  • Select “Reset Setting” by pressing V button
  • press [Erase/ trash] button
  • when the display ask you “Reset all camera settings to factory default?”, select Yes and press OK button

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