How To Reset SAMSUNG WB1100F, WB50F and WB35F?

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In early 2014, Samsung was also enliven the superzoom camera market by presenting 3 superzoom cameras in a variety of sizes. For a stylish prosumer DSLR models has been present ‘Samsung WB1100F’. As for the Samsung compact cameras available WB50F and WB35F. All three cameras were present with the same sensor, the 16 megapixel resolution CCD that offers the option of up to ISO 3200 and the ability to record video at 720p HD resolution.

In the lens, the Samsung WB1100F armed with a 25mm wide-angle lens capable of 35x optical zoom. WB50F and WB35F using the same lens, the 24mm wide lens capable of 12x optical zoom. The screen used by Samsung WB1100F also larger, ie measuring 3 inches. While WB50F and WB35F only 2.7 inches. To support the performance of the zoom lens, the Samsung WB50F and WB35F only equipped with vibration dampers OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). While WB110F more capable with support for Dual OIS vibration dampers system are combined with digital vibration damper system DIS (Digital Image Stabilization).

Samsung WB1100F WB50F and WB35F reset

Viewed from the specifications, WB50F and WB35F indeed very similar. However, there are still visible differences between them. In addition to differences in packaging, Samsung WB50F have the advantage with the availability Soft Flash feature that lets users generate images using a flash with a more natural-looking results. This Samsung Camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC support a variety of advanced features such as Tag & Go is relying on NFC, Photo Beam, Auto Share, Remote View Finder and Mobile Link.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Samsung WB50F to it’s factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  • Press the Home button → Settings → General → Reset

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Reference: SAMSUNG WB1100F manual

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