How To Reset Oil Life/Maintenance Light On New Honda Pilot

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The Honda Pilot is an all-terrain vehicle of the F segment produced by the Japanese manufacturer Honda Motor Co., Ltd. since mid-2001. So today, I want to talk about resetting the oil life or maintenance light on a Honda Pilot.

If your vehicle has maintenance items due within 30 days, the Maintenance Due message will appear on display. The system must be reset after performing the maintenance service on your vehicle. So let me show you how to do it.

How To Reset Oil Life Maintenance Light On Honda Pilot

2016-2018 Honda Pilot Oil Life Reset Procedure

Time needed: 3 minutes.

In this section, I’d like to show you how to reset your oil maintenance light or oil change light in 2016 through the 2018 Honda Pilot. Please only perform this feature if you have replaced your engine oil and oil filter. So let’s get right to work.

  1. Turn on your car without starting the engine

    If your vehicle has an ignition button, hit the POWER button twice without stepping on the brake

  2. Go to the OIL LIFE display

    Use the ▲or▼ arrows button on the steering wheel to search through the display until you get to the Oil Life
    maintenance minder light reset

  3. Press and hold the RESET button to enter the reset mode

    When it’s displaying the oil life you’re going to hold down the reset button until Maintenance Reset mode appears on the screen

  4. Select RESET

    Highlight RESET and then press the RESET button to perform an oil reset

Resetting Maintenance Light On New Honda Pilot (2019-2022)

So here we have a 2019 Honda Pilot, and we just did an oil change, so we’re going to reset this oil life light. The A1 maintenance is the one that comes up, so the first thing you do is:

  • Turn on the car without starting it
  • Press the HOME button to bring you to the main menu
steering maintenance menu
  • Then you need to scroll down to the MAINTENANCE
  • Press ENTER button to select the menu
  • Select OIL LIFE
  • Press and hold the ENTER button until the display changes to reset mode
  • Select the maintenance item you want to reset, or you can also select All Due Items

How To Reset With Touchscreen

In addition to using the method above, you can also reset the maintenance lights through the navigation screen or audio display. Follow the procedure below if your Honda Pilot is equipped with an audio touchscreen.

  • Turn on the car
  • Press the HOME button on the audio screen
  • Tap the SETTINGS menu on the touch screen
honda maintenance oil light reset
  • Tap VEHICLE menu
  • Scroll down and select MAINTENANCE INFO
  • Tap RESET
  • When a confirmation message appears, select Reset to confirm

For your info, this operation work for the third generation of the Honda Pilot (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 model years). For the older model, you can reach it here.

What is a Honda maintenance code?

In this section, I will show you how to interpret the codes on your Honda vehicle. This is called a maintenance minder, and it keeps track of your maintenance information for you. And I think it’s a really valuable tool. Some people probably think that’s not very pleasant, but I like it actually.

For example, when I turn on my dash lights here, it says my oil life is down to 5%, and it’s giving us a code for B1. That is going to indicate the things that we need to do. So let’s look at the book and see what that says below here:

honda maintenance minder codes mean

Your owner’s manual will tell you exactly what these things mean. So the B code means we need to replace the engine oil and oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, check parking brake adjustment and then inspect all of the items not going to read through those. Then 1 code is for rotating the tires. So since we’re going to be checking out the brakes and stuff, it’s the perfect time to check the tires. 

FAQ – Honda Pilot Oil Service

What is the oil capacity of a Honda Pilot?

The vehicle’s operation requires a 4.3-liter (4.54-quart) capacity of SAE 0W-20 engine oil.

When should I change the oil in my 2020 Honda Pilot?

Because it is synthetic, the recommended replacement interval is just every 7,500 miles. However, your specific driving habits will dictate your maintenance frequency.

How much does it cost to replace differential fluid?

Rear differential fluid replacement at a dealership typically costs between $70 and $100, including labor costs of $40 to $50.

What’s the Honda Pilot’s B136 maintenance code?

The Honda Pilot’s B136 maintenance code indicates that this vehicle is due to the engine oil and component inspection, tire rotation, transmission fluid change, and replacement of the rear differential fluid.


So anyway, that’s the main thing, though, when you get those indicated on your car. The little wrench will show up on the dash, giving you a code, and you can interpret it by going into your owner’s manual and showing you exactly what you need to do.

So that’s it. The oil changes are one of the simplest things anybody can do and probably the most critical thing they can do to make a car last as long as possible. So make sure you change your engine oil before resetting the maintenance system. Thanks for stopping by and have a great time.

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