How To Reset Nikon COOLPIX S32 Waterproof Digital Camera

This time Nikon announced the continuation of the series COOLPIX S-series models, the Nikon COOLPIX S32. This digital camera brings more Stylish design with several new features. Nikon trying to bring the latest pocket cameras are convenient to use the entire family, from young children and the elderly, to the adventurous. Comes with Ultra-Compact size that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, the gadget is even equipped with features waterproof and anti-slam, Nikon hopes this gadget can satisfy the desires of customers.

Nikon Coolpix S32 digital camera is armed with the best technology for the daily camera. Nikon tether CCD sensor with a resolution of 13.2 Megapixels. The best processor supported, and 30-90mm NIKKOR lens, this camera is able to produce the best quality images, and displays images with vivid lighting, sharper and accurate. This latest pocket cameras can produce images of the greatest resolution 4.160 x 3.120 pixels to a small 480 x 480 pixels. In terms of video, this camera is capable of recording with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels with HD quality. This camera can produce images with the JPEG format. For video, these cameras produce MOV video format. In terms of ISO Nikon digital camera is equipped with ISO 125 ​​to ISO 1600.

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It also features Auto White Balance With The Image Sensor, and White Balance Correction, Auto Focus and Manual Focus; Exposure Control Systems, Auto and manual ISO up to Full HD video capture mode. This new digital camera is equipped 3x Optical Zoom and 4x Digital Zoom that brings you to capture more detailed images. Electronic Vibration Reduction feature strong capable of reducing noise and blur on shots. Nikon also pinned HDMI connector so that the camera can be directly connected to the TV.

Nikkon Coolpix S32 Digital Camera is the best result of the development of a Nikon camera for Entry-Level classes. Updates may not be so visible in terms of design and size than the previous series. But when you are shooting with the latest digital camera, you will get a change. Armed with a variety of features for Outdoor makes this camera suitable for a family of digital compact cameras. User-friendly interface also makes this camera easy to use all members of the family.

Factory Reset:

To restoring Nikon Coolpix S32 to it’s factory settings, conform to the following instructions:

  1. Enter shooting mode
  2. Press the [flexible button 4] to select wrench icon
  3. Press the [flexible button 4] again to select “Camera Setting” icon
  4. Press the [∨ / dial down] button 3 times
  5. Press the [flexible button 4] to Reset All

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Reference: Nikon COOLPIX S32 manual