How to Reset Canon PowerShot S120 -12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Digital camera with the name PowerShot S120 is the latest generation of the previous camera, the Canon PowerShot S110. With the new design, this camera allows you to share pictures and videos on social networking sites and email through CANON iMAGE GATEWAY because it has a tradition built-in Wi-Fi technology. Not only that, you can also download the free app Canon Camera Window, which is compatible with Android or iOS device. So you can upload images no matter where you are, as long as it remains connected to the Wi-Fi.

Besides having HS System technology, which excels in producing beautiful photos in low lighting conditions, the PowerShot S120 comes with a CMOS sensor resolution of 12.1 megapixels. The ability of an optically up to 5x magnification can be increased up to 10x. Also equipped with the latest image processor, DIGIC 6 which improves the performance of the camera to capture images in a row with a speed as high as 12.2 images per second / fps. In addition, the processor can reduce noise interference spots that often arise when photos are taken in low-light environments so that the images remain sharp.

Canon PowerShot S120 Review

The two new Creative Filters menu is also presented in this camera to expand your creativity in photographing, namely: Background Defocus, which is to produce a bokeh effect or blur at the back of the subject. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Artistic Effect, ie, to produce a dramatic photo effects such as Natural, Art Standard, Art Embossed, Vivid Art, and Art Bold.

Capture the beauty of the cluster and track star in the sky for Star Mode menu consisting of 3 options: Nightscape Star, Star Trails and Star Time-Lapse Movie. Everything becomes easier with this latest pocket cameras. In addition to special photo shots, this camera can also record Full HD video format, with up to 60fps motion smoothness. Added to Dynamic IS responsive presence, shocks that occur when recording video while walking can be prevented. All settings in the PowerShot S120 can be done directly via the LCD touch screen measuring 3 inches.

Factory Reset:

  1. Press [MENU] button
  2. Press the right arrow once to highlight the “Tools” tab
  3. Select “Reset All” and then press the [Func. Set] button
  4. When the display ask you “Reset settings to default?” turn turn the dial to choose [OK] and then press the [Func. Set] button

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Reference: Canon PowerShot S120 manual