How to Reset Boss DR-3 Drum Machine

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The Boss DR-3 is a basic drum machine with a limited amount of sounds to choose from. Dr. Rhythm’s loaded with acoustic and electronic drum kits, as well as a selection of bass sounds. The DR-3’s Rhythm Progressions and multiple variations make it easy to create a realistic-sounding drum track for any style of music. It also has a feature called TSC (Total Sound Control), which is simply a 3three-band EQ. It is very compact and weights a little less than 2 pounds. This small drum machine can work well for practicing and performing live.

According to several user reviews of the Boss DR-3 Drum Machine, they have praised it for the easy to use; design is compact and portable; Good features. But they also have complained about It doesn’t come with any accessories, including a power adapter.

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Factory Reset:

To Restoring the factory settings of Boss DR-3 Drum Machine, you must press Edit button and then select <SYSTEM> and press Enter, with the performance stopped. Next, select <FACTORY RESET> and press Enter while a message appears on the display.

Warning! This procedures will return all settings on the DR-3 to the values they had when the unit shipped from the factory. Hopefully the article of “How to Reset Boss DR-3 Drum Machine” was useful.

Reference: Boss DR-3 Manual

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