How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon EOS M2?

Another of the Canon digital cameras that entered the competition. Continuing EOS M, this Japanese manufacturer launched its newest version, which is named EOS M2. As it is known that most reviewers find that the EOS M has slow autofocus speed. Therefore, the autofocus is a major concern of the Canon in the newest products.

EOS M2 now appear with the autofocus system is much better. Canon claims the camera’s autofocus system is 2.4 times faster than before. Moreover, in its announcement, Canon explained that EOS M2 using APS-C sensor 18 megapixels, and has a Canon DIGIC 5 processing engine. About the ISO range up to 25,600 and the availability of a WiFi connection. Through WiFi, users can connect the EOS M2 to their smartphones with the help of EOS Remote app. Features available on the EOS Remote among others capture images remotely and wirelessly transfers to smartphones. The application itself is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos?

  1. Download photo recovery software on your computer, for example I use SoftPerfect File Recovery
  2. Connect your camera memory card to a computer with a card reader.
  3. If so, please run the application without installation because these applications includes Portable family
  4. Specify which drive you want to restore data. Specify in the “Where”, then click “Search” to start the search process
  5. If the scanning process is complete, the files that have been found will be displayed.
  6. Click once the file you want to restore. To restore some / all of the files that have been found you can do a Drag and Drop to block files or click while holding down the Ctrl key and click the Restore
  7. Determine the direction of the storage file, and then click OK
  8. Wait until the process is complete
  9. If the recovered process has been completed. Just click OK

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