How to Fix Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR Digital Camera

Capturing the right moment is the important part of photography, even when taking pictures with a compact camera. Therefore, the speed of the autofocus (AF) is the feature that not spared from attention of producers and consumers. Fujifilm announced the F900EXR compact camera, which is claimed to have the world’s fastest AF system. Determination automatically focus can be done in just 0.5 seconds. To optimize the speed of AF, this camera automatically switches from the system of Phase Detection and Contrast Detection depends on the object and shooting conditions.

F900EXR speed is not limited in-AF system. Image capture capabilities in a row, can be as fast as 11 fps was done. Unfortunately, the speed only last up to 5 frames. Supports the AF speed and continuous shot mode is BSI EXR-CMOS sensor II ½ inch size with a resolution of 16 megapixels. Optimal image results can be obtained through the Auto EXR mode. In that mode, the user can utilize a combination of sensor-CMOSII EXR and EXR Processor II image processor for optimal image results.

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Fujifilm F900EXR is also equipped with a Fujinon lens with 20x optical zoom capability (25-500mm). To further the range, this lens features helped achieve a 40x digital zoom. Along with the growing trend in the compact camera market, Fujifilm does not forget to include WiFi connectivity in the F900EXR. Through the “Fujifilm Camera Application” which is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, users can transfer photos and videos directly to your smartphone or tablet.

How do I fix a “lens error” on Nikon Coolpix S6900?

Having a “Lens error” message display on the camera’s LCD display indicates a problem with the camera lens mechanism. Usually it is because the entry and exit of the lens mechanism jammed, for example, had fallen, once when the lens is stuck out and vice versa when the lens is pushed entry and so on. But if you have never experienced physical violence usually only lubricating plastic gears that are already dry.

Usually, simply switching the camera Off then On again is enough to correct this problem. Or try to remove the batteries for 5 seconds, and then plug it in again. If it is not successful efforts to give the camera a good jolt. A camera shake will often set back mechanism or knock off dirt. Another alternative is to blow compressed air around the lens mechanism, or a hair dryer on no heat setting. Also, you can slide a piece of paper around the lens area and move it around the gaps in an effort to dislodge anything stuck in there.

If this does not help, then we regret the camera must be sent to our Nikon Service department as there are no user serviceable parts on Nikon Coolpix cameras.

A message appear saying ‘write error’ when taking a picture?

There could be a few Reasons. It could be because of a bad memory card, try to format the card (this will erase all images on the memory). If that does not work try using another card.

Or maybe because the contact between the camera and the memory card is dirty. Remove the card and make sure the area where the metal contacts on the card touching the camera contacts are clean and free of debris.

How to Recover Deleted Photos?

  • Download and install photo recovery software, for example I use Jihosoft Photo Recovery
  • With the memory card inserted, connect your digital camera to your computer.
  • Start the Photo Recovery program, your storage media card will display on the main pane with its detailed file name and type information. Select the card and hit right-bottom “Filter Options”.
  • When it loads, click “photo” drop-down list, select and check the photo files types you wish to recover for your digital camera.
  • Click “OK” and “Start Scan” button to start the scanning process.
  • Browse to the folder that you selected for your recovered files and check out the results of the recovery. Remember, this program may take a long time to process depending on the size of the memory card you’re scanning.

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