How do I reset the Nord Drum 2?

The Clavia Nord Drum 2 is a virtual analog drum synthesizer that Clavia claims is capable of ‘retro-futuristic’ percussion sounds. It was released in 2013. The Nord Drum 2 looks very similar to the original model, retaining the familiar red and black livery, plethora of push-button controls and the infinite rotating parameter dial. With an extremely lively dynamic response, flexible connectivity and a broad sound palette ranging from classic synthetic drums to life-like tuned percussion and acoustic drums, the Nord Drum 2 is both an inspiring instrument and an infinite source of sounds.

According to several Nord Drum 2 reviewers, some users have praised it for the Expanded input section; Convincing sounds; Impressive upgrade to the synth engine; stereo output; improved MIDI implementation. Also, some users have complained it for the Pad only works with Drum 2; Expensive.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to restoring a Nord Drum 2 to its Factory settings by using the Nord Drum 2 Manager software.

  1. To start restoring the Nord Drum 2, first you should downloading a factory bank file. The factory bank files are named as a .nd2_bank file. Please click HERE to downloading the Nord Drum 2 Factory Bank file from the Nord website.
  2. Connect your Nord C2 to a computer
  3. Launch the Nord Drum 2 Manager software. Setup the Nord Drum 2 Manager to send and receive MIDI on the ports used on your MIDI interface.
  4. Click Send Bank to Drum icon and select the factory bank file to transfer. Set a destination Bank in the Nord Drum 2 to be overwritten. Hit send to transfer the bank.

Warning! When you execute this procedure, the all the content in the Nord Drum 2 will be irrevocably replaced by the content from the Restore file. Do not turn off the Nord instrument or disconnect the USB connection while restoring is in progress. Be sure you want to return the Nord Drum 2 to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “How do I reset the Nord Drum 2?” can help you.

Reference: Nord support