How Do I Reset the Line6 POD HD500?

The HD 500 is the flagship multi effects floor processor from Line 6. It is built in a pedalboard configuration to make the vast quantity of tones within range for any stage or studio situation. This multi effect unit features 512 built-in effect presets, 16 fantastic amp simulators, the ability to process two guitars simultaneously and more hookup options than any other product on the market. This thing is layer upon layer of rippling muscle, ready to tear into your audience at a moment’s notice. If you could only have one piece of gear to go with your favorite guitar, this just might be it. POD HD 500 is the product which let amplifier modeling arrive at the totally new level.

According to several POD HD500 reviewers, some users have praised it for the Huge range of effects; Detailed and playable HD amp models; flexible; Stage-ready build quality. Also, some users have complained it for the doesn’t ship with a printed instruction manual; Less USB audio routing flexibility than the PODx3 and x3 Live; some larger combinations of amps and effects not possible due to DSP limit.

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Factory Reset:

The only way to reset the POD HD500 is to reinstall the flash memory via Line 6 Monkey software. First, connect the POD HD500 to your computer. Then launch Line6 Monkey software. Select “Flash Memory” and click Update (or Reinstall if you have latest software) key. When a message appears in the monitor, click Yes to continue the next steps. Click OK to confirm the software license agreement. And then click “Yes” to start initialization of the program. Please wait, maybe the update process takes 20-25 minutes.

After re-installing the flash memory was finished, perform a global reset on the unit by power on while simultaneously holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button. This will clear all global settings on the POD, reset the SETLIST names to NEW FACTORY SETLIST names, but it will NOT erase USER PRESETS. Hopefully the article of “How Do I Reset the Line6 POD HD500?” was useful.

Reference: Line6 support