Hard Reset TC Electronic Ditto X2 to Factory Default Condition

The original Ditto Looper was marketed as the guitarists looper for its high-quality sound output and its back-to-basics simplicity. Following up on the success of the original Ditto, which had only two controls, TC strikes again with the X2, featuring more than twice that. Aside from a larger enclosure, the most obvious addition is the FX footswitch, which can be used as a dedicated stop switch, or to activate effects (reverse and 1/2 speed), chosen by a toggle. With a few very cool effects, and stereo outputs, the X2 significantly expands on the capabilities of the little Ditto, and in some ways makes this the easiest Ditto to use yet.

According to several Ditto X2 reviewers, some users have praised it for the sturdy; stable;  simple to use; sounds just as great as the original Ditto but with a few more features. Also, some users have complained it for no drum patterns or metronome; Can only load one backing track at a time; Less bang for the buck than standard Ditto.

Ditto X2 Looper resetImage source: tcelectronic.com

Factory Reset:

To restoring the factory settings your Ditto X2, just simply press and hold the LOOP switch for a few seconds. The Loop switch LED will blink orange (once) and red (once) when the reset is complete.

Warning! When you execute this procedure the settings you made will be lost. Be sure you want to erase the memory and return the Ditto X2 to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “Hard Reset TC Electronic Ditto X2 to Factory Default Condition” was useful.

Reference: TC Electronic Ditto X2 support