Hard Reset Kurzweil SP3X 88-Key Stage Piano

Kurzweil’s new SP3X is an 88-key weighted-action digital stage piano. The Kurzweil SP3X can generate 512 sounds, which is significantly more than the average for all Stage Digital Piano Digital Pianos and Keyboards. In addition to the 512 sounds the Kurzweil SP3X can produce 60 rhythms, which is 40 less than the average for all Digital Pianos and Keyboards. Finally, the Kurzweil SP3X has 16 songs preloaded onto the piano. Although the styling of the SP3X is almost identical to the SP2X, Kurzweil have done something very odd here. The main body of the sturdy metal chassis has changed from a stern and brooding grey to a cheerful metallic blue, which might divide opinion amongst those who care, but you can judge for yourself.

According to several user reviews, they have praised Kurzweil SP3X for not only does the SP3X have a lot more to offer when it comes to choice, but the overall quality has greatly increased, so a far higher percentage of these sounds are genuinely usable, which is a big improvement. Kurzweil have made improvements on their SP2X model, offering a better choice and quality of sounds…a good range of usable sounds and handy functions makes it an attractive proposition for the gigging pianist.

Kurzweil SP3X resetImage source: piano-keyboards.findthebest.com

Factory Reset:

  1. Press [GLOBAL] button
  2. Press [Enter] button (Reset)
  3. When the display show “Reset SP3?”, press [+/Yes] button
  4. The SP3 will appear “Are you sure ?”, press [+/Yes] button
  5. You will see a prompt asking “Are you really ?”, press [+/Yes] button again

Warning! Be sure you want to erase the memory and return the Kurzweil SP3X to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Do not use this function unless you are certain that you want to do this. Hopefully the article of Hard Reset Kurzweil SP3X 88-Key Stage Piano can help you.

Reference: Kurzweil SP3X manual

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