Epiphone Les Paul Special II Guitar Reviews

Epiphone Les Paul Special II is a line of solid body electric guitar manufactured by Epiphone as a cheaper version of the Gibson Les Paul. The Company sometimes refers to this model as the model of the most popular Les Paul from Epiphone, partly because of their classic design, as well as their overall simplicity. Although the design has been largely unchanged over the years, the Special II has been produced at different locations, including in China.

This guitar has a classic shape les paul, but the top is flat (unfortunately it does not look better than the arched top like a standard Epiphones and Gibson), two humbucker pickups, Bridge tune-o-matic, one volume and one tone button which affects both pickups, one with three-position pickup selector, mahogany body and neck, 22 frets rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and black colors are quite nice.

Epiphone Les Paul Special IIImage source: guitarmusician.com

Compared with other beginner guitars, this Epiphone guitar neck is thicker. I like it, I think it is more ergonomic for my hand and I can play longer without getting tired. One of the biggest problems with this cheap guitar is that you always get them from the store with the high strings. So if you are thinking about buying this guitar brought directly to the luthier and ask him to adjust the tensor and the bridge to bring strings closer to the neck, this will make a big diference in the guitars playability and tone.

Another common problem is the knob that is somewhat difficult to play, noisy pickup selector, and the like. Once the adjustment is done you will have a weapon that is honest enough to play rock and roll. This guitar is not heavy, the weight balance between the body and the neck and controls are within easy reach.

For testing this guitar I use a Zoom 505 II with some cheap amp. I’m trying to play rock music like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns n ‘Roses, Sabbath, AC / DC, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and more things-heavy like Metallica or Megadeth, as a result of this guitar is able to work quite well . Use the bridge pickup to tone heavy, sharp, bright (like Zeppelin’s “Rock n ‘Roll”, “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Back In Black”, “Master Of Puppets”, “3’s & 7’s”, etc.), and use neck pickup for things more mellow, clean tone, or even if you want to sound really dirty with a lot of distortion. Finish at the back of the neck sometimes makes it difficult to slide your hand around frets.

Overall this guitar is pretty good, but the last thing I love about this guitar is its tone knob. If you are a beginner guitarist, this guitar is suitable for you, but once you get a little better you should try something else. Guitar price is quite friendly, but if you have a little more money you could probably get a better guitar like the SG G-400, Les Paul 100, or maybe Gretsch Jet Club.

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