Capture your best moments with the Samsung HMX-QF30

For you, the  lover of Portable camcorder or the Handycam to capture the moments in your life, maybe you can see the output of this Samsung Camcorder. Portable camcorder Mid-Range class may not compete much anymore. Proven Portable Camcorder companies are no longer as productive as formerly in expanding its product. In competing with smartphones, camcorders companies today are more interested in developing a class of High-End Camcorder. But for those of you who are looking for class Mid-Range Camcorder latest, you do not need to worry, because there is the latest Samsung Handycam Samsung HMX – QF30.

Samsung HMX – QF30 Camcorder is a Mid-Range class that you need to consider. Tiny camcorder from Samsung that there are features that can be seeded, ie Sports Optical Image Stabilization as a stabilizer, 20x Optical Zoom, Wi-Fi, Touchscreen LCD as a display, and features video recording with full HD quality. This is the best feature on the class Mid-Range Camcorder, remembering earlier Camcorder in this class have not been able to record class Full HD quality and there is also free Wi-Fi. Samsung’s latest Handycam is also very small so it might be able to fit in your pocket.

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The design of this Samsung camcorder is quite good, looks more futuristic and new. With a size of just 4.1 x 1.5 x 1.1 inches, it can be your handheld camcorder with your hand comfortably. In addition, the weight of this camcorder will also feels very light in your hand. This latest Samsung Handycam only weighs 7.5 ounces with batteries already, this is because the construction of this camcorder is only made ​​of strong plastic material. Of course, although the material is strong enough, but it does not mean it will be waterproof camcorder. You would still have to be careful of your activities associated with water.

From the hardware side, Samsung Camcorder is equipped with a lens with aperture of F1.8 2.6-52mm. on the front of the lens there is a lens cap that can be operated manually. In part of this camcorder record button and there are also buttons to other functions. Button on the camcorder is not too much because of this latest Samsung Handycam been using the touch screen. To Mic on camcorder there are at the top, while its speakers are on the bottom of the touch screen of 2.7 inches. In part that is covered by a screen, there are output ports such as HDMI, micro USB port, and AV output.


Camcorder Samsung HMX – QF30 has a highly expect your performance in its class. This camcorder feature offers extraordinary performance in comparison with its predecessor camcorders in the same class. However, with such a good performance there are still many shortcomings. Even when juxtaposed with the smartphone camera quality is very good. This probably makes producers reluctant to develop units in class Mid-Range Camcorder. Auto-focus on the quality of this camcorder feels very slow. The quality of the resulting images were less detailed and less good. Is not very suitable for you who may be very attentive to detail from an image quality of the resulting video. However, if you are not too concerned about the quality of the resulting video image and more concerned with the ease you to capture your best moments, this latest Samsung Handycam still best in class. Another consideration, is the price of this camcorder is also not too expensive.

To boost the image quality in existing convenience, the latest Samsung Handycam is equipped with modes that you can use. Among them is White Balance, EV, Backlight, Super C Night mode for recording at night, and also manual focus. For art effects that you can use in your video are black and white mode, sepia, negative, art, noir, westerns, dazzle (saturation), and ghost.

For the resulting audio quality of Samsung’s latest Handycam is not too bad for those who are not too concerned with the quality. For audio recording, this camcorder only rely Mic contained on this camcorder. It is unfortunate that there is this camcorder input port for External Mic, so you can not use the mic that you have to be attached to this camcorder.

Here’s a video reviews of the Samsung HMX-QF30